Compact Camera Hire

Gone are the days of providing disposable cameras for your guests to capture the big day - do it the modern way and Hire Digital Cameras instead.

Compact Camera Hire

Why should I hire a digital camera instead of buying disposable Ones?

For £10.00 more per camera you will receive a far better quality of photo, a choice of colour or black and white photos, you can view your images at the time and delete any embarrassing ones or poor quality photo, you get a digital copy of all the photos ready for further printing or downloading and you get the opportunity to take more than 24 photos.

Prices and Features

What's included?

Compact Camera Hire - Features:

  • 14 mega pixel compact digital camera
  • SD memory card which can hold up to 160 photos
  • 6 x 4 print of all photos taken
  • a usb stick containing all the photos
  • An online gallery on our website with free download

Price: £25.00 (each)

Compact Camera Hire - Optional Extras:

Extra Price
Additional Cameras Each £25.00